Internal candidate

For the past two weeks, I was ready to throw in the towel. To absolutely give up on my job search.

I recently found out I need to have surgery, and it requires a six-week recovery period. I imagined getting a call for a job that I really wanted, then having to tell them I was about to go under the knife. And that I would be out of commission for about two months.

Say what you want about the legalities of the situation, I know employers just wouldn’t be anxious to make me an offer.

I started feeling hopeless, and wondered if I should just suspend my whole job search for a few months until I am fully recovered. That, on top of a 15-month fruitless job search, and I was ready to roll over.

But then I saw an intriguing job post … at the place I work!

Without giving away too much, this new job would be a significant shift for me … but would highlight skills that I hone outside of work. I have a hobby that utilizes the specific skill set required for this position. I still can’t believe it.

I should add, this would be a significant promotion.

To make things even better, the position reports directly to the company’s vice president. I feel comfortable saying we get a long quite nicely. We’re even Facebook friends, and she has a fondness for my pet pics.

The company has launched a national search, but I do know being an internal candidate would have distinct advantages … specifically having a keen understanding of the corporate culture and politics.

So after six weeks of not looking — I took an unexpected holiday break from sending out applications — I took the plunge and tossed my resume into the mix.

The posting remains open until about mid-February; after that I expect to be contacted for a interview. At the very least, this will be an opportunity for me to speak with the vice president about my aspirations with the company, and my hope for upward trajectory.

Of course, it would be incredibly ironic if I found a better, more challenging job at the same company that I wanted to leave because I felt left behind.

Crazier things have happened.


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