Upward trajectory

So, I love my job.

It’s secure, great benefits and even better pay. I even like my coworkers.

Also my boss is quite possibly the best and most nurturing manager of my 25-year career.

The question is obvious. Why am I looking?

I’ve been in the same position for almost eight years, and at this point I could do my job perfectly while watching “Housewives of Atlanta” reruns. The greater problem is that there’s no upward trajectory. And believe me, I’ve tried.

There’s currently no opportunities in my division. Also, in the last year I’ve applied to five departments at my company, and didn’t even receive a courtesy interview. I’ve given this much thought, and I believe even though my reputation is sterling (accompanied by sparkling annual reviews), that my job title is not perceived as high-ranking enough.

So if I can’t move up from within, I must look to outside employment.

It’s been weird. Containing my excitement when I get an interview offer. Slowly introducing new interview outfits to my work clothing repertoire. Reminding myself I’m a short-timer when the shit occasionally does hit the fan at the office.

I’m ready for a change. And in my mid-40s, I’m convinced this is the time to pounce.

I really don’t want to get pigeon-holed into my current position, and become that “65-year-old lady who’s been in that same mid-level job for 30 years.”

I have aspirations. I have dreams. And most importantly, I’m ready to move on.

To do this, I must leave the comfort of my nest.


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