Reckoning day?

After two-and-a-half weeks, the day of reckoning had arrived.

I would finally call the hiring manager, as he requested, to see if I would move on in the interview process.

I debated the perfect time to call. I thought 9 a.m. might come across as too needy. 3 p.m.? No sense of urgency. After consulting with my boyfriend, I settled upon 9:30 a.m.

When my reminder alarm went off (like I would actually forget!!!) I moved to a quiet spot and dialed the number. I got voicemail.

Not knowing the right thing to do, I quickly hung up, and went back to work. I waited an hour, then dialed once more. Voicemail again.

I didn’t know if he was notified of missed calls, so I didn’t want to risk leaving a long electronic trail of hang-ups. I had to make a decision. So I called back and left him a message saying I was calling as he had requested, and that he could reach me on my cell.

It was busy at work, and the day had flown by before I realized the hiring manager never called.

Of course this happened on a Friday, leading into a true weekend cliff-hanger.

I tried to divine what all of this meant. Did this reflect a change in the job-seeking industry? Did he decide I made a fatal flaw during the interview process? Did he ever plan on contacting me, or was he going to wish I would quickly fade away?

I’m holding onto the hope that he was called out of the office on Friday, and will sheepishly call Monday, begging for forgiveness as he offers a second interview.

It could happen.


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